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It would seem, what could be unusual in such familiar to us interior items that we actively use every day? However, in reality, there are many of the most interesting facts about furniture that may really surprise you. Even now, you are most likely sitting on a comfortable chair or sofa, and the furniture itself, undoubtedly, should be recognized as one of the most useful inventions of the millennium.

1. Unusual furniture
We are all accustomed to standard interior items, but furniture engineers believe that the future belongs to “smart furniture”. So, back in 2008, an American engineer named Stib Norris created a technological ottoman called RoboStool, which is able to independently move throughout the apartment according to the wishes of its owner.

2. Living interior
It is worth noting the creative Englishman Gavin Monroe, who, with 3000 tree seedlings, founded a company that is engaged in a kind of furniture cultivation. To create such products, branches are cut off from young trees and connected into a single whole structure. In this case, the branches are planted in the ground with a special frame. For 2-4 years, this technology "grows" a ready-made chair.

3. Flying bed
In 2009, the whole world was struck by the following furniture fact - the news of the invention of the flying bed. It was invented by a Dutch engineer named Ruijssenar. Although the bed weighs as much as 9 centners, the secret of its "flight" is quite simple. Everything is explained by powerful magnets built into the floor and bed frame. True, moving such furniture will not work.

4. Monument to the stool
If you've been to Moscow, you've probably heard that on Mayakovsky Street there is one very unusual museum dedicated to furniture. But another fact about the furniture is even more interesting - right at the entrance of this institution there is a monument called “Monument to the first stool in the Russian land”. Moreover, the height of this impressive stool reaches as much as 3 meters.

5. Monument to the sofa
But if you were surprised by the previous fact about furniture, then what about the sofa monument? This time, residents of the American state of Ohio distinguished themselves, where one of the most unusual sights is a stone statue in the form of a large leather sofa.

6. Luxurious purchase
For many years the most expensive piece of furniture in history has been a luxurious office for an office called Badminton, which was created by English craftsmen back in the 18th century. In 1990, it was bought by the Prince of Liechtenstein for US $ 15.2 million. This exquisite piece is still in his possession.

7. Interest of Artists It is noteworthy that many prominent artists and architects were actively interested in furniture. For example, the famous Salvador Dali created a special sofa in the shape of lips, which was bought in 1988 at the popular Sotheby auction for 90,000 euros. Also, such outstanding personalities as Rastrelli, Rinaldi and Cameron were engaged in the design of furniture. And here the facts about furniture are just beginning.

8. Furniture dealer
You've probably heard about the scandalous Chicago gangster Al Capone. Many people know that he was engaged in the illegal sale of alcohol and drugs. But few people know that the villain was officially listed as a seller of wooden furniture - wardrobes, beds, dressers and railings for stairs.

9. Night fears
Surely you have come across models of beds without legs more than once. It is believed that their inventor is the writer Mark Twain. Once his friend complained to Mark that he was afraid to sleep at night because there might be something under his bed. To this Twain wittily advised him to just saw off the legs by the bed.

10. Concrete furniture
We all know the inventor Thomas Edison well. But few people know that for several years he seriously developed the concept of special furniture, which should consist of concrete and reinforcement. Edison argued that such interior items can be no worse than wood products. But the cost of the former will be much cheaper. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the general public did not appreciate this invention at all.

11. First attempts
Did you know that inflatable furniture was first invented at the end of the 19th century? The engineer Linfort Rood decided to inflate sleeping mattresses on trains with hot steam. However, at that time they did not yet know how to make modern rubber mattresses. As a result, low-quality products burst while the train was moving and burned sleeping passengers, which is why this idea had to be abandoned.

12. New idea
It is curious that the first writing desk in its modern form appeared in the 17th century. Moreover, the drawers were located in it directly under the table top. As a result, it was necessary to work at such a desk while standing. However, soon people began to complain about the inconvenience of using such furniture, and they guessed to move the boxes to the side. This made it possible to work at the table while sitting.

13. Good protection
Did you know that the bar counter and chairs for it, so popular today, first appeared in the Wild West? Initially, this counter was intended to protect the owner of the establishment from enemy bullets of bandits, and the bar stools themselves made it easy to turn in different directions and monitor the entire room.

14. Napoleon and wardrobes
Today, it is quite problematic to say who actually invented such a practical piece of furniture as wardrobes. But most often, the famous commander Napoleon Bonaparte, whose interesting life is remembered by many, is considered the author of this invention. He invited his officers to make sliding screens in their small apartments, behind which was their uniform. Thanks to this idea, the uniform was always kept in order and in excellent condition, without taking up much space.

All these interesting facts about furniture and interior design are very diverse, and the world of interior items itself is much more amazing than one might initially think.

Dies ist eine automatische Übersetzung.
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