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In an age when furniture is made from strong synthetic materials, natural wood products are of increasing interest. Until the mid-20th century, all furniture was made of wood, as this was the only option available at that time. Nowadays, natural wood furniture is not a tradition or a desire to show that you are not like everyone else, but environmental, aesthetic and economic considerations.

Pure and harmless. Anyone who had to feel all the “benefits” of Chinese furniture (this lasting smell of plastic and glue!) Understands that products made of synthetic materials are by no means as harmless as they are presented to us by manufacturers. By the way, not all wood furniture is equally useful. If the product is made of glued timber, veneer or plywood, harmful formaldehyde compounds may be used as a binder. They are safe exactly until the moment when the furniture begins to heat up, for example, from a nearby heating radiator or stove. The excreted formaldehyde adversely affects genetics, reproductive function, airways, eyes, skin, and the central nervous system. Thus, if you even choose between furniture made of synthetic materials and supposedly environmentally friendly products from glued wood using glue that contains formaldehyde, it is better to choose the first option. But not all glue is equally harmful. Classic PVA will not cause any negative health effects. Thus, choosing furniture from glued wood, find out with what help the product is fastened. As a rule, the manufacturer indicates the composition of the adhesive in the instructions.

Not all types of wood are equally well suited for making furniture. Ask what kind of wood the product is made of. Pine, alder and birch are suitable for the manufacture of simple furniture, although practically all products are traditionally made from these types of wood in our country: from beds to wardrobes. Oak, beech and cherry make durable and reliable furniture. An oak bed can last hundreds of years if you properly care for this furniture.

Although modern furniture is made in such a high quality that synthetic materials can only be distinguished from natural ones by touch, wooden products are traditionally distinguished by aesthetics. The appearance of most of the furniture imitates natural wood. Why an imitation, when you can choose the original, given that often natural wood furniture is not much more expensive than analogs from particleboard and fiberboard with laminated film or veneer. In addition, different types of wood have a different structure, which allows you to create a unique style for furniture. Especially distinguished from other furniture are mahogany or Canadian maple. The most famous and most beautiful tables, for example, those that are in the White House or in Buckingham Palace, are made of precious wood.

Of course, natural wood furniture will cost more than products from particleboard, MDF or fiberboard. But here you can cite the famous English proverb as an example: we are not so rich as to buy cheap things. Natural wood furniture, with proper care and a balance of humidity and temperature in the room, can last more than a hundred years. Some specimens on display in the same Buckingham Palace are over 200 years old. In addition to durability, wooden furniture is reliable. So, for example, a table made of chipboard, MDF or fiberboard will begin to dry up over time, losing its appearance. A natural wood product is not subject to this effect, and even with frequent wetting, this material will not lose its external characteristics, especially if the tree is varnished. Remember that natural wood products, like any other, should not be in an environment with high humidity and frequent temperature extremes. You should not choose too expensive wooden furniture, as it differs from the budget one most often only in the quality of detail, design or other minor additions that will not play any role in the strength of the product. And yet, if you have the opportunity, then instead of pine furniture, choose a product from larch or oak.

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Dies ist eine automatische Übersetzung.
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